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Terms of Service - Large Projects April 2024

  • These terms are applicable to any projects defined as "large" by the artist. This covers any projects that include heads and/or bodysuits but also other large custom works.

  • By commissioning me you are agreeing to my TOS. Terms are subject to change at any time, but you will be held to the terms set out at the time you make your deposit.

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to commission me.

  • You may not sell your commission slot with me, all slots are non-transferable.

  • I do not recommend that clients order costumes “by the piece.” I cannot guarantee a commission slot at a later date to make further parts outside of our original agreement, fabrics are often discontinued and dye lots change. Overall aesthetics and how the costume pieces fit together is also improved when an entire costume is made at once.

allergen warning

  • I have two cats, they are not allowed in my work room, but I usually have cat hair and dander on my person that will come in contact with your costume. If cat allergies are a major concern for you then I am probably not the artist for you. If you have any other allergy concerns then please bring them up during your application


  • My preferred method of contact is through email at

  • I may be contacted through other websites but once a deposit is paid all correspondence regarding your commission to be done through email.

  • My working hours are 9am - 6pm (AST) Monday through Friday. I normally won’t reply to emails on evenings and weekends, but otherwise under normal circumstances I will respond within 1 working day for current clients.

  • If I contact you to approve something or answer a question I would appreciate promptness in response so I am not delayed in working on your project. While I’m working on your project, be sure to check your email at least twice a week.

  • Once your commission has been started, if you do not respond to my attempts to contact you for 30 days your commission will be forfeit and surrendered to me. No refunds will be issued.

  • If your commission has not been started, if you do not respond to my attempts to contact you for 90 days your commission will be forfeit and surrendered to me. Your 30% deposit will be forfeit, any payment beyond the 30% will be refunded if you make contact with me within a year of your last contact with me. If you do not contact me within a year then no refunds will be made.

  • Accepted offers or quotes are valid only for the current opening unless otherwise agreed on, and 30% deposit must be paid within the specified time to guarantee that price as well as a place in my queue.

Character Interpretation

  • I use reference photos of real animals in addition to client ref sheets, particularly for head shapes and features. If you have a character that does not look like its species this must be brought to my attention during the application process.

  • I will not always be able to make something look 100% like your reference style or intended species, there are limitations to a costume being worn over a human head due to eye placement, neck length/width, and many other things. Unless you bring up specific concerns, I will do my best to adapt your design into what is physically possible for a fursuit. Based on the constraints of your body shape, markings/designs will be interpreted in my style and may need to be altered slightly to best suit a 3D costume. Any major changes will be discussed with you prior to implementation.

  • If applying for an Established Character commission, you must have a clear unshaded reference sheet that has a minimum of front and rear views.

  • If you’d like your suit made out of a specific fur, this must be brought up during the quote process.

  • I work in my own style, which includes certain standard features and quirks, so if you have particular desires outside of my usual style or methods or if you want more say in smaller aesthetic details of your costume, it must be discussed and agreed upon during the application process.

Measurements and DTD

  • For bodysuits, shipping me a DTD(duct tape dummy) is a requirement.

  • Any DTDs or other supplies will be shipped at your own expense.

  • For gloves I need measurements, for feet I usually only need a shoe size, but may need a DTD of your foot, or new well fitting shoes shipped to me, depending on the project.

  • I will send instructions on how the DTD is to be constructed, please follow the instructions carefully. If the dummy is not adequately constructed, extra fees may be charged to fix it, or you may need to send another one at your expense.

  • DTDs must be made on black trash bags, or Dupont Tyvek coveralls. DTDs made on other coveralls, regular clothing, or anything else will not be accepted.

  • Do not tape up your DTD back up.

  • During the quoting process, we will go over a time for you to send your DTD if required. I will not start any work on your project until all required measurements and DTDs are received. If you do not send your DTD or measurements in a timely manner I have the right to terminate your project and refund you, minus 30% deposit.

  • My default is not to return DTDs with costumes. If you’d like to have your DTD returned please let me know before costume is completed. Please note some DTDs are too damaged during the creation process to be returned.

Timings and deadlines

  • I cannot guarantee any deadlines on large projects. Deadlines are detrimental to both me and the client, as if things need to be rushed, the quality will suffer.

  • I may provide you with a time estimate, but it is just an estimate based on my current queue and is not to be counted on or considered a deadline.

  • I keep my queue very short, and aim to have all projects finished within six months of the deposit being paid. Average wait time for a fullsuit is 4-5 months.

  • Unless agreed upon previously, if a project is not finished within one year of deposit client is entitled to a refund in full, including deposit.

Progress Updates and Client Approvals

  • For Established Character commissions, I will send progress pictures for you to approve with the markings drawn in on the taped head and/or body. Once you’ve approved this step, any changes to foamwork, markings, padding, etc may not be possible or if they are, they will incur an additional fee at my discretion.

  • I will send pictures of the finished product for you to approve before I pack it for shipping.

  • Other progress pictures will be shared at my discretion, either through email, or in my telegram chat, depending on where the client is active.

  • Smaller parts of your commission such as hands or tails may not have progress pictures.

  • Before any fur is cut, some changes can be made to head shape, ear size, or other minor elements, if more than 2 stages of revisions are requested, additional fees may be incurred.


  • A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a slot in my queue.

  • My default payment schedule is a 30% deposit to start, the next 35% once I am ready to begin, and the final 35% + shipping at completion. This can be broken down further into 4 payments if preferred.

  • As default, I accept payment through Stripe invoices but may also accept bank/wire transfers, money orders, moneygram, interac e-transfers if you’re Canadian, or cash if you’re local.

  • All items delivered within Canada are required to pay sales tax in addition to your quote, if picking up from me 15% NS sales tax will be charged.

  • All prices are quoted in USD but will be converted to Canadian at the time of quoting. That amount in Canadian will be what you owe, it will not change with currency fluctuations.

  • I will not send out any product until it has been completely paid off. No exceptions

  • Once the costume is completed I require shipping payment in a timely manner. If it takes longer than 14 days for you to pay off any remaining money owing on the costume, including shipping charges, I will charge a $200CAD/month storage fee until it is paid off.


  • Quoted/offered prices do not include shipping costs.

  • Client is responsible for all shipping and customs costs. I will not falsify customs information and I cannot estimate how much your country may charge in customs or other fees.

  • I ship from Canada.

  • Recipient signature is required upon delivery for insurance reasons.

  • Once your project is finished I will box it up and then get your shipping options.

  • When shipping internationally, I use UPS with insurance coverage through a 3rd party insurer. Fully insured shipping for a padding fullsuit to the USA is usually around $250 - $450 USD. Overseas is often in the $600-$1k+ range.

  • You need to provide a phone number for international shipments. On high value items entering the USA, UPS will phone you to request your SSN to report to the IRS. Your suit won’t be able to clear customs unless you take this phone call and provide them with any required information. Please do not give me your SSN! UPS will phone and request this from you. More information here:

  • I am not personally responsible for any damage that occurs once the parcel leaves my hands. If you're concerned about damaged or lost packages, please purchase insurance.

cancellations and refunds

  • If you request cancellation or break terms of service, your 30% deposit will not be refunded, you are not entitled to any work or materials, including any design work I have done, and I reserve the rights to alter the project in any way to finish and sell. Any payments made beyond the 30% will be refunded, minus processing fees.

  • I reserve the right to cancel any commission due to harassment, rude behavior, extreme nitpicking, or poor/lack of communication, etc.

  • If I cancel due to personal reasons I will refund everything, including your deposit, but I will keep all work and materials.

  • Unless agreed upon during the quote process, commissions that remain unpaid for six months after completion are considered abandoned and are surrendered to me. No refunds will be issued.

  • Any refund amounts will not include original processing fees, unless I am cancelling for personal reasons.

  • Refunds will be issued in CAD, due to currency fluctuations and how your credit card handles international transactions, your refund could end up being higher or lower than what you originally sent. This is not something I have any control over or responsibility for.


  • Please inspect your costume in full upon receipt. In the event of any shipping damage, retain ALL shipping materials and contact me immediately so we can make a claim with the shipping company. If there is no shipping damage, please inspect your costume thoroughly and report any defects or fit issues to me within 72hrs of receipt of the costume. If no contact is made within 72hrs, I will take it as an acknowledgement that you accept your costume as delivered.

  • If sending me something for repairs that I deem to be under warranty, you will pay to ship it to me and I will pay to ship it back to you.

  • My workmanship is covered for 60 days after receipt of the costume, please contact me with any issues right away.

  • Any fit problems due to faulty DTDs or bad measurements are not covered by warranty, and a fee will apply to fix.

  • Incorrect markings or other aesthetic features are not under warranty, please ensure you are happy with the aesthetics before you approve any photos, including the final photos.

  • If a minor non-specialized issue occurs during the 60 days, like a small area of popped seam, I may opt to give you a small refund to have it fixed by a local seamstress instead of us paying to ship it back and forth. This is at my discretion and must be agreed upon before you get any repairs done.

  • If anyone modifies or attempts to repair the suit without my permission, warranty is void.

  • Any item sent to me for repairs that is dirty, or modified without my permission, will be sent back without repair, at your cost.

  • I am not responsible for any damage due to misuse or normal wear and tear.

  • If you'd like updating, repair out of warranty, new parts, etc on your costume in the future please contact me to discuss if it’s possible and what the cost would be. This would be considered a new project and subject to any updates/changes to ToS.


  • I am not responsible for any injury you may incur while wearing one of my costumes. Use common sense, stay hydrated, have a spotter, and know the limitations of the costume. Stay safe!

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