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Return & Exchange Policy

Base Prices

These are USD prices for a basic variation of these products with what I consider my standard features. This is meant to be a guideline of what to expect as a minimum when requesting quotes. These prices are subject to change at any time. Photo examples usually include markings and features beyond the base price. These prices are for individuals, for commercial/mascot work please inquire for pricing.

Prices do not include shipping, or any applicable sales tax for items shipped within Canada or picked up in person.

Full Costumes


Head to toe full body covering costumes.  This is my preferred type of commission.  I accept original characters or am happy to design characters for you.  

Full toony styled costumes start at $6000

Semi-realistic styled costumes are currently not available for commission

The average price for a full costume tends to fall within $8000 - $10,000

Clothing and Shoes


Does your character have an outfit that is integral to their design? I can help! I can create custom costume pieces to wear on top of your fursuit, or to pair with a partial for a seamless full look. I can only offer costume pieces at the same time as I am building the rest of the fursuit, and I don't make costumes for suits made by others. Custom outfit pricing varies a lot, but expect $2000-$5500 for most full body outfits.

I love making indoor feet, so am pleased to offer outdoor shoes on commission. My standard style to the right can be made out of a variety of materials and quickly zip on and off. But if your character has a different style, I'm happy to discuss custom footwear, like Sare's leather viking shoes as shown in the center photo.

Partial Costumes


As default, partial costumes include a head, hands, and tail. Additional pieces such as feet or armsleeves can also be ordered at additional cost. On commission I offer toony styled partials starting at $3700.



If you already have parts, or want to update your existing partial/fullsuit then you can order a head only.
On commission I offer toony styled heads starting at $3000



I have found it very difficult to find time to incorporate proper openings for handpaws, footpaws, and tails.  I'm now offering small parts commissions exclusively through my patreon.

Everything Else


Any other sewn items including fursuit props and collars, animal throw blankets, and hooded capelets will now be offered exclusively for commission through my patreon.

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