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Commission Pricing

Prices are all listed in USD and do not include shipping

Any items shipped within Canada are also subject to applicable sales tax

Pricing varies depending on design complexity and requested features

I do not currently offer any semi-realistic/realistic suits or parts 



Does your character have an outfit that is integral to their design? I can help! I can create custom costume pieces to wear on top of your fursuit, or to pair with a partial for a seamless full look.


I can only offer costume pieces at the same time as I am building the rest of the fursuit, and I don't make costumes for suits made by others.



As default, this style of costume includes a head, hands, and tail. 

Other parts such as feet and arm sleeves can also be added on



$7000 - $10,000+

Head to toe full body covering costumes with no padding in the body

Often referred to as "plantigrade" this style of costume is lighter and easier to wear for long periods of time


Head Bags


Protective head bags can be ordered alongside any head order. 

Includes pockets or compartments for eyelids, alternate hairstyles and other accessories




Outdoor shoes can be commissioned alongside indoor feet. All shoes have a convenient zipper to quickly take on and off. 


Heads, Bodysuits, Parts, Etc.

Applications are welcome during openings for head or bodysuit only commissions

Toony heads are $3000 - $5000+

Unpadded bodysuits are $2800 - $4500+ 

Padded bodysuits are $3800 - $6500+

Other parts may be requested as well, such a feet to go with a body suit. 

Information for small parts commissions coming soon, or check out my patreon for guaranteed small commission slots.

Padded Fullsuits

$8000 - $12,000+

Head to toe full body covering costumes that utilize padding to obscure the human form. 

Often this means "digitigrade" leg padding, but also can be padded flat-footed animal, forearm padding, a drop crotch, or even a heavily padded plush suit.

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