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adoptable fursuit Designs

Below are designs I've created or purchased that are available for clients to adopt to be made into custom built fursuits. Upon commission completion you will be sent the art files and have full character rights. I'm happy to alter the designs into any gender and may be able to make small design changes.

At any time, you may apply to purchase any of these designs as fursuits. Listed under each design is the type of commissions they're available as and the price is the base price for the design in USD for standard features.


Check out the application form for more info or to apply 

Rainbow Fox

Design by Sour_Milk.

  • Rainbow fox or wolf design.

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $8000+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $9000+

Purple/Green Canine

Design by RSB_channel on Psychedelicmaws base.

  • Purple and green canine (would also be happy to make as a feline). Current design shows 5 shades each of green and purple, depending on fur availability this may be reduced to 4 shades of each.

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $8500+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $9500+


Seafoam Manokit

Design by Stargazing Shep on a base by TrashDoggo

  • Turquoise/teal toned manokit, exact tones will depend on available furs. 

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $10,000+

pine marten uzuruuxiii.png

Pine Marten

Design by uzuruuxiii

  • Cute warm toned pine marten

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $7500+

  • Standard "canine-like" digitigrade  $8500+

  • drop crotch planti padded fullsuit $8800+

90s neon vani adopt by gerce unwatermarked.png


Design by ItsGerce on a base by Vani

  • Super fun bright tiger design

  • Happy to make the design more masculine/gender neutral

  • Partial (head/hands/tail) $5000+

  • Plantigrade Fullsuit $9,500+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $11,500+


Sunset Hyena

Design by Stargazing Shep

  • Spotted hyena, darkest purple shade will probably be black. 

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $8000+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $9000+



Design by sateiimes

  • Cute friendly dog design

  • Partial (head/hands/tail) $4000+

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $7000+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $8000+


Celestial Canine

Design by Harefangs on Dynavera base

  • Can be a wolf or other canine, design will be simplified for fursuit. No gradients, fewer small spots, may have to simplify number of purple shades.

  • Partial (head/hands/tail) $4300+

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $8500+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $9000+



Design by Maned Starwolf

  • Yellow shade may have to skew to a more standard yellow or gold.

  • Any kind of canine or fox. 

  • Partial (head/hands/tail) $4500+

  • Plantigrade fullsuit $8000+

  • Digitigrade padded fullsuit $9000+


Lovecore Bunny

Design by muttpvppy

  • Pastel pink and white bunny, can be done with or without plush stitching effects. Asymmetric markings would cost more.​

  • Partial (head/hands/tail) offers $4500+

  • Plantigrade fullsuit, no body padding or plush effects $7500+ 

  • Standard "canine" digitigrade padded fullsuit, $8500+ without plush stitching effects or $9000+ with stitching

  • Extra padded (digi or traditional bunny shaped) plush suit, $10,000+

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