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scout the gryphon!

Adopted! Thank you <3 

Meet Scout!

Scout is a brand new gryphon partial including head, hands, and tail. They were designed by me, buyer can change name, gender, and design as desired. I'm currently finishing the tail and hands.


  • Soft expanding foam head, fits up to 24"

  • Easy to accomodate different head sizes as any velcro padding can be attached to top half of lining 

  • Roomy fit around face with lots of ventilation through open beak plus hidden ear vents, can probably accommodate glasses

  • Tons of expression options with two sets of white eyelids, one grumpy and one sassy, plus rust lower lids for silly bird squints. Eyelids are velcro so can be placed at any angle

  • Great vision through waterproof sublimated eye mesh. Small center blindspot, and also great vision through beak

  • Eyes are removable for easy cleaning, if interested please ask about ordering hypno eyes or other secondary eyes

  • Head slips on and off easily, no zipper

  • Bird hands will be sized to your forearm measurement

  • Soft stuffed tail with 2 belt loops

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