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Commission Process


Applications are currently closed
next opening november 3rd 2023 

step 1: plan

  • Read my pricing page to determine what kind of commission you want

  • Read my Terms of Service and make sure it works for you

  • Make sure you have a fursuit friendly ref sheet, come up with an artistic liberty prompt, or choose one of my adoptable designs

  • Decide on a budget that's comfortable for you

  • Check for my next opening date and set yourself a calendar reminder


step 2: Apply

  • Fill out a form for your desired commission type. Please fill out separate forms if you have more than one character/idea

  • Take your time, it isn't first come first serve

  • I'll send you a confirmation email that I've received your application within 24 hours

  • Keep an eye on your email over the next few days, I may have questions about your project

  • Cross your fingers and wait

step 3B: Sorry😔 ...unless?

  • Unfortunately I get many more applications than I can take on, I can only make a handful of suits per year!

  • I'll let you know if your character is too complicated for your budget, or if it's a character that I don't feel is right for my style

  • Odds are, I just had to make a hard choice! If I'm really passionate about your project still I may offer you a commission slot for a few months out.

  • I hope to hear from you again!

step 3A: Accepted!

  • we talk furs and all of the other specific features

  • I'll send your project doc including all of your desired features and materials for you to approve. This will be the info I follow for your commission and I can't guarantee anything can be added after this point. 

  • I'll invoice you for the 30% deposit, to be paid within 48 hours

creature project sheet2.png
Photo by Shadowlens

step 4: prep stage

  • You did all of your planning already, now it's my turn! 

  • If your project includes a bodysuit, I'll send instruction for you to make and send in your DTD, otherwise just kick back and wait

  • I'll order all of the materials I need for your commission while I'm working on the suit before yours

  • This step on average is two to three months

step 5: construction

  • I've finished my previous project and it's time to get started on yours! 

  • I'll send along an invoice for the next 35% 

  • From here, your suit should be done in 2 to 3 months. I work alone and put a lot of time and care into my suits so each one takes me a couple months.

  • If you have an upcoming event you can let me know, but I don't do hard deadlines. Quality suffers if I don't have the time to rework issues or if I have to rush. I keep my queue short so a delay never pushes anyone too far out.

  • As I work, I supply WIPs through email or you can join my patreon telegram chat for the duration of your build.

  • Depending on commission type, some steps may require your approval for me to proceed.


step 6: finished! 

  • Once your suit is done, I'll take photos and then box them up and calculate your shipping

  • I'll invoice you for the final 30% + shipping, to be paid within 7 days

  • Watch your tracking until the box arrives

  • Sign for the box, unpack, enjoy fursuit!! 

This is just a fun little overview of how my process works. If you're planning to apply, please read my Terms of Service for all of the info and details. 

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thread 5.png
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