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Commission opening 
November 3rd, 2023

✨Opening Details✨

  • The commission form will open Friday November 3rd, 2023 at 12pm(noon) ADT

  • The form will stay open at least until Wednesday November 8th, so no rush

  • I am most likely choosing a single slot, maximum two if simple

  • Estimated March/April 2024 completion, maybe a bit longer if a 2nd project is chosen

  • This opening will be offer based, please check out the pricing page on my site for minimum offer amounts in your desired commission type

  • When choosing, I weigh the offer compared to complexity of the character and how well matched I believe I am for your project

  • Submit your offer in USD, offers do not include shipping cost

  • This opening will be for: fullsuits, partials, head only, or bodysuit. Small parts can be added to any of those, e.g. "bodysuit with feet and tail" or "head and tail"  

  • I am accepting offers for artistic liberty, adoptable designs, or original characters. If you want your OC, please have a proper ref sheet ready.

  • I am open to any species, but would really love to make a cow or wild boar. Felines are always a favourite, and I'm looking forward to some bird offers as well. 

Application Form
commission type
Any extra parts?
Design Type
If your project includes feet, what kind?
Check off all desired extras
How much input do you want during the build?
What brought you here?
If not selected, would you like to receive an email notification for my next opening?
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