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Closed - Thank you!

✨Opening Details✨

  • The quote and application forms will open Tuesday April 2, 2023 at 12pm(noon) ADT

  • The form will stay open at least until Monday April 8th, so no rush

  • I am most likely selecting between one and three projects depending on complexity

  • Estimated August-October 2024 completion

  • You have the option of ordering a quote ($7 CAD) and then applying, or applying directly with an offer.

  • Check out the pricing page on my site for minimum offer amounts in your desired commission type, also check out my commission process page for an idea of how I work

  • If you purchase a quote, that is a good minimum offer to use on your application but you can offer higher to increase your chances. When selecting projects, I weigh the offer compared to complexity of the character and how well matched I believe I am for your project, with some weight given to particular species or designs that I would really like to make. 

  • Submit your offer in USD, offers do not include shipping cost

  • This opening will be for: fullsuits, partials, head only, or bodysuit. Small parts can be added to any of those, e.g. "bodysuit with feet and tail" or "head and tail"  

  • I am accepting applications for artistic liberty or original characters. If you want your OC, please have a proper ref sheet ready

  • I also have adoptable designs, which are available to apply for at any time. 

  • I am open to any species, but would really love to make a cow or wild boar. Felines are always a favourite, and I'm currently on a roll with birds!

Quotes and application forms

request a quote for $7CAD (~$5USD) before you apply


Apply with an offer
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